Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands.

            Psalms 66: 1 (KJV)

I will always remember the first time I realized Glenn was singing.

Music had always been important to him.  Because of his lack of vision, I think his early responses to music were much more noticeable than they might have been.  During the difficult period when he suffered from neurologic-based irritability, music was about the only thing that had any kind of calming effect on him. 

He always responded to singing and I found it an important tool in getting through the tasks or situations that Glenn did not enjoy.  We were getting ready for school one morning when he was about six.  He was really into bluegrass at the time, so I was singing “I’ll Fly Away” to get him through his dreaded soap and water routine.  That’s when it happened, Glenn started making a new noise — sort of a sustained hum.  I looked up, thinking he had found a new way to register his complaints.  But his face lit up in the biggest smile I had ever seen.  So much joy radiated from him, I actually cried.

Now at 14, Glenn  can say about 6 words that people outside of family can sometimes recognize, but few would realize his songs are singing.  But listening with my heart instead of my ears, I hear songs more exciting than any Top 10 hit.  I also know God hears him and hears beautiful music.

Lord, thank you that you have given each of us a voice that you love to hear. You always delight in our praises, even if we sing out of pitch or with no pitch at all.  So great is your love.  Amen.