The Foundation was founded by Aaron and Moireen Ruotsala to honor their son Cole by establishing an organization to provide prayer and support for families battling pediatric cancer or other life-threatening illness.   The acronym, which is also their son’s name, stands for Caring Openly, Loving Eternally.  The website can be found at : or by clicking the link on the left.

The website, which boasts over 1,500 active members, offers family stories and links to the CaringBridge website for each member child.  Adopting one of these families to support with prayer and messages of encouragement is a great way to provide Christian service.  If you are like me, caring for a special needs child often makes it hard to find opportunities to serve without struggling to find childcare.  This is a great opportunity to serve from home Check out the website and prayerfully consider serving in this way.

Aaron Ruotsala offers 5 ways to help support a family facing illness on a daily basis:

1.  Post a note of encouragement on the family’s CaringBridge, Cole’s Pages, or Carepages site.  Or better yet, mail a card.  Families in the hospital love receiving mail.  It can sometimes be the one hightlight of a difficult day.

2. Put together a care package of small toys, games, books or other gifts appropriate for the family.  Hospital stays are often long and tiring with a lot of time to pass.

3. Consider adopting a family that you can pray for, send messages to, and encourage on a regular basis.

4. Donate gift items to a nonprofit organization to be given to the families of patients in a children’s hospital.

5. Above all else, pray for the families.