A glad heart is excellent medicine,

a spirit depressed wastes the bones away.

Proverbs 17:22

You’ve heard it a million times : “Laughter is the best medicine.” But we all have times when those words sound pretty hollow.  It sounds too easy.  Surely, that advise is not meant for me.  But several medical studies now demonstrate that there is some scientific basis for this prescription.

I can testify that the days I spend dwelling on the things my son can’t do are certainly a great deal darker than the days I celebrate the things he can.  Our children need us to acknowledge — no, they need us to praise their accomplishments.  They need our encouragement.  They need to hear us give our thanks in prayer.  Their view of themselves and their abilities is largely shaped by what they see in their parents.

We can choose to fill our world with self-pity and resentment, risking depression in ourselves and in our child.  OR we can choose to fill our hearts with thanksgiving and gladness.

Lord, I thank you for your many gifts to myself and my child.  Help me to see the beauty in each day and in each accomplishment and to communicate that beauty to my child.  Let me model gladness and joy to my child today.  Amen